Blues for Davy

(music by David Harley: copyright 1980, all rights reserved)

A short, vaguely jazzy solo guitar piece. Neither version here is actually a studio recording, but (under-)recorded on fairly expensive domestic equipment. As the title might suggest, I was trying for something vaguely Davy Graham-ish: so successfully, that people used to come up to me after gigs and say “What was that John Renbourn piece you did?” I’m going to need to practice a while before I do this one in public again, anyway….

(1) Acoustic version just dug up: probably the best recording I have at present.

(2) Acoustic version: Blues for Davy (the version that was released on cassette)

(3) I just (August 2015) dug this electric version up on a cassette (just a cassette: not one of the commercial cassettes, if you can use the term for something that made hardly any money) from the late 80s. Recorded on domestic equipment, probably using my Ovation Viper played through a Peavey Backstage amp.

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