Diverse Brew sessions

These are three tracks from an unreleased album provisionally titled Diverse Brew, recorded around 1985 at Hallmark and featuring Bob Theil, Don MacLeod and myself, Pat Orchard, and Bob Cairns. The project foundered because one of the guys joined a band whose management company proved uncooperative, as I recall. As the master tapes are now somewhere in Antwerp, where Bob now lives and is still musically active (his web site at http://www.bobtheil.be/index.html includes links to his albums), these were snarfed from a fairly naff cassette tape, so the recording quality isn’t exactly hi-fi.

Table of Contents

  1. One Step Away From The Blues
  2. True Confessions
  3. Heatwave

We were supposed to contribute two tracks each, but as we were working together a lot at that time, Don decided to make True Confessions one of his tracks. His other track was a rather nice instrumental called October. (Actually, he also recorded another track with a very nice lady singer called Sarah that we worked with for a while.) As I wasn’t on either of those tracks, they aren’t included. Not because of my own ego and hurt feelings, but because they aren’t mine to publish. 🙂

As far as I remember, all these tracks were done using a cheap but very cheerful Kimbara acoustic (which my daughter still has, if she didn’t get fed up with the warped soundboard) and a Les Paul copy which was a bit inaccurate around the octave but had a very nice chunky humbucker sound. Don was using a Sigma acoustic, I think, and Bob was probably using a Takamine 12-string. No idea what the banjo was, as it wasn’t mine: I’d sold my own John Grey long-tail 5-string by then, and it was long before I bought my current cheap and cheerful Ozark.

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