Folk/Music Resources

[Just to confuse you, Floorsinging for Beginners has been moved to the Sabrinaflu blog, which is intended to provide a variety of folk-related news and resources. The older article is no longer on this site.  DH, 1st July 2018]

No, I’m not suggesting by the title that folk isn’t music: it’s just that I’ve never really been a career folkie, so my interests are a bit wider than folk. Maybe I’ll break out the folk and other stuff into separate categories, eventually.

Events around Ludlow – there’s a lot more around Shropshire and Herefordshire than this, of course. I no longer live in Shropshire, so this page is unlikely to be revised in the near future. However, I do  still maintain the Sabrinaflu blog page, which has a lot of current Shropshire content. I also maintain – mostly as a more personal project – a site reflecting activities in Cornwall, where I now live: Wheal Alice Music

Musical friends are neither all folkies nor all local to Ludlow. I may add a few in due course.

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