Musical friends

Here are a few links to some musical friends old and new.

Bob Theil (see the Diverse Brew Sessions section) has a web site at  I still have (and still play) his “So Far” album from 1982. I’m no longer in touch with Bob Cairns, but I believe this is him here.

Sally Goddard, probably the best singer I ever worked with, now lives in Newfoundland and sings with Atlantic Union, who have a web site at They have two albums currently available, and I like the one I have a lot. Looks like I need to buy some more albums. Unfortunately, I don’t have any recordings of Sally and myself together.

Vic Cracknell possibly has even more eclectic tastes in music than I do. He also runs some excellent open mic events around Hampshire and Surrey, where I used to live, as well as being a prolific and versatile musician in his own right.

Wychwood is a Hampshire based semi-acoustic band I like a lot: they have a web site here.

Claire Phoenix is a super singer with a lot of jazz in her soul and a wide repertoire (see

Steve Grattan is an accomplished bass player who’s written some very nice songs, and I’m not going to mention his age. 😉

Mark Buck is a great blues-y/jazz-y guitarist who knows his way round quite a few other instruments, and has some very interesting songs of his own: check out his 2nd CD at

Aimee is a young performer whose songs are attracting a great deal of well-deserved attention.


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