Lost Weekend

This is a song for the female stranger
The ship that moaned in the night
That I spend a lifetime with, one long weekend
And lost to the last morning’s light

What a party that was, what a bittersweet dream,
What a raft on an ocean of blues
A theme for a song or a stag-party joke
And a memory I never quite lose

 What made her want me that rainy day moment
Is something I can’t understand
I’m grateful she did and I really don’t know
Why I let it all slip through my hands

My ego was flattered, I liked her a lot
But somehow I couldn’t respond
I tried once to pick up the pieces by post
But I knew that the chance was gone

 As I bled later on from a much deeper wound
I heard from a friend of a friend
That she’d just got married, and anyway
I’d no reason to see her again

My life is a patchwork of rainy day moments
And she was just one of the bits
A tiny regret, and faint irritation
I really don’t see where she fits

Words and Music by David Harley, copyright 1975


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