The Last Musketeer [demo]

One I probably haven’t sung since the 70s, but not sure why. It was originally written after a friend’s wedding on the Isle of Man: it demanded my attention again when I was arranging accommodation for a completely different but Very Important wedding. 🙂

Words & Music by David Harley, copyright 1975


Another take

Now that the war is over
And the battles are all lost and won
The glasses are raised and the caterers praised
And the happy couple are gone
Bound for the sun on a honeymoon cruise
And nobody knows where they are
The last musketeer has traded his sword
For a mortgage and family car

All the words like ‘forever’ are spoken
Though the meaning’s not always quite clear
The wine and the song have together run dry
And the last of the guests disappeared
And mum and dad take a look at themselves
Now the last of the nestlings has flown
The last musketeer takes stock of his life
Amazed at the new thing he’s found

And a lifetime away from just yesterday
Well on the way to elsewhere
En route for tomorrow they pause to shake
Confetti out of their hair
The treaties are signed and the campaign is won
And another skirmish begins
The bride smiles and the last musketeer
Takes a look at ‘forever’
And grins…


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