People I’ve worked with

Musically, that is. Well, that’s a long list. A few are on recordings here:

Many others have been just as important in my musical life (and often equally important as friends). Sadly, I’ve never recorded with them (or at any rate, nothing I can post here), and probably never will, now. (And some I’ve lost touch with altogether, of course.) Notably:

  • Ann Merrill Gray – lovely voice: we didn’t really gig, but you could often catch us at the Unicorn in Ludlow until I moved to Cornwall.
  • Marcia, Ami et al, in a dance-oriented band called Commoner’s Mock for which Greg Clare was the caller.
  • Kathy Bowen Jones (we’re still in touch, but she was based in Switzerland for many years, so it’s a long time since we gigged).
  • Rick Brandon (still around and playing with The Dicemen)
  • Taff Brissenden (still to be heard singing and playing accordion in Shrewsbury): we played together for a while in the Castle B band and at least once in Salop Gallop.
  • Peter Buckley Hill (also still around and with lots of his idiosyncratic material on Soundcloud: here’s a link to some tracks I played on back in the Dark Ages).
  • John Crosswaite (in the 70s at the University of Bangor, I was known – for obscure reasons – to many people as Bert, so we used to be introduced as Bert and John. Quite rightly, as we actually did some stuff associated with Messrs. Jansch and Renbourn. Lost touch decades ago.)
  • Paul Dunderdale (last heard of on the Isle of Man): an actual trained musician but with a soft spot for folk stuff. I think we may have contaminated each other with our respective tastes in music.
  • Fiona Freeman (last heard of in Reading. We wrote at least one song together, but lost touch decades ago.)
  • Sally Goddard (still singing with the Canadian band Atlantic Union): we sang together as Hay Fever and as part of the Deiniolen Prize Silver Jug Band (which was neither a silver band nor a jug band.).
  • David ‘Mex’ Higgen (last heard of London, working as a recording engineer, but I never ran into him even though I lived there for 25 years…)
  • Bob and Mary Hands (both alive and well and living near Shrewsbury)
  • Bernard Puckett (still performing, and still much involved with the Islington Folk Club)
  • Nick Warman: he, Kathy and I (and Rick, on at least one occasion) used to play as The Flying Piglets. Well, it was funny at the time.
  • Meirion Wood (ace banjo player and fiddler), still playing with Bob Hands and Graham Higson as Almost Bluegrass, I believe.

And, of course, people with whom I’ve spent many an enjoyable jam, but never done any formal rehearsing.

  • Katy Andrews (who died very recently, sad to say)
  • Mark Buck (excellent guitarist and harp player)
  • Vic Cracknell (runs some excellent open mic events in the south of England)
  • Jo Dunn (though we must have kicked some things around when we shared a flat)
  • Sean Healey (Manchester fiddler, now deceased, sadly)
  • Claire Phoenix (great jazz singer)
  • Numerous people from the security industry with whom I’ve enjoyed some serious sessions recently in Bratislava and Sydney, including Andi Lee, Righard Zwienenberg, Juraj Malcho, Richard Marko, and Peter Kruse.


And too many others to mention, or even remember after all these years. More pictures here.

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