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Highway Fever/Vestapol [demo]

Another dug out of my back catalogue. Vestapol is a much older tune than any of mine, of course. 🙂 I think I sort of learned it from Stefan Grossman, who used to do it mashed up with Poor Boy. I do that, sometimes, too.

Highway Fever: Words and Music copyright 1975, David Harley

Those easy-action formulae lie easy in my mouth
Down streets I walked for ever while my head was blowing South
That same old highway fever keeps burning up my socks
The river keeps on running, I’ve been too long on the rocks

All along the waterfront the chance is lost and found
I’m halfway back to nowhere but my head is outward bound
I’m on the run, my head is free, my cover has been blown
And still I hate to sing these backstage blues alone

Out beyond the fences windswept trees lay down to die
Staring into limbo as the 19.10 rolls by
And I’m weary to my soul of scavenging for dreams
I’d give my second-best guitar for an unread magazine

I’m weary to my bones and home is far away
Racing into sunrise and another Northern day
I wish I’d half a chance of another drink or two
This train moves too fast, and it’s bringing me to you


Changes: Words and Music by David Harley, copyright 1974
No MP3

Something’s changed
Could be me, could be you
You used to say you loved me
Now I wonder was that true?
That moving out and moving on look
Hangs heavy in your eyes…

Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
Just what became of me and you
Changes in the wind

There was a time
When nothing kept us apart
But something’s going down
In both our hearts
I lie awake half the night when you’re not there
Wondering who you’re with and where

One more Scotch
One more cigarette
Drinking alone
Remembering too much to forget
Missing you even when you’re in the room
Knowing you won’t be, soon

Age of the Hero

Age of the Hero: Words and Music copyright David Harley, 1973

Deep down I know I should forget you
Get out with my ego intact
My head knows the end of the game
Is historical fact
But my heart never quite seems to make it
I can’t seem to learn to let go
It’s a one-way ticket to nowhere
But where else to go?

I took someone else to a party
In search of a two-way high
And stayed for a while in search
Of an alibi
Slipped out for some air and some distance
Got to thinking and wondering and then
I wasn’t surprised when I got back at last
And she’d gone home with somebody else

Now I lie on my dressed and smoking
Watching dawn seeping in from the East
And the age of the hero is over
I can drop that pretence now at least
And I wait for the future to tell me
Whether angels are still to be found
And I’m trying hard not to start thinking
That there’s not enough love to go round

This End of the 1960s [demo]

This End of the 1960s: Words and Music copyright 1975 David Harley

Shine like a sun on this cloudy day
Reached out my arms but you’re far away
Dawn took the sunshine away

Strange how familiar a new song can be
At the trigger end of a memory
Dawn took the sunshine away

I can remember a sunny day
Could be just yesterday
Dawn took the sunshine away

Time on my Hands

Time on my Hands: Words and Music copyright David Harley, 1974
No MP3 yet

G+4sus            Em7b5
Time on my hands
A            Dm7+4      G
Time to think of a friend
C                               Am
Who changed one weekend
Bm(B+2)          Bm       Cmaj7
Changed to a part of me

Time to look back
Cosily stoned by the fire
Getting much higher
Watching you watching me

Time and again
To think of caring for you
Knowing I do
And hoping you might for me

Time on my hands
No hangups and nothing to say
But “we had our day”
And the music goes on and on