Low in the Water [demo]

Low in the Water: copyright David Harley, 1986

Electric demo (David Harley, vocal and slide electric guitar) recorded in the 1980s, probably on a Fostex X15 in my front room (hence some light traffic noise at one point) and using either a Les Paul copy or an ES175 copy with some serious phaser pedalling:

Rough-and-I-wasn’t-quite-ready one-take demo, recorded in 2013 or thereabouts with acoustic slide guitar and enough echo for a 50s rock and roll track:

A song I’ve always been slightly nervous of singing in case people assume that it’s about me. 😉

(Really! It’s extraordinary how many people seem to believe that songwriting is always autobiographical. Maybe it’s something to do with all those rock stars writing about how tough their lives are…)

Early in the morning
Shaking in my shoes
Coming down with cherry fever
And the rotgut brown ale blues

I’m low in the water
I’m low in the water
I’m low in the water
But I ain’t sinking yet

Another Sunday morning
Another one night stand
One more passing shipwreck
Drowning on dry land

And I don’t know how I got here
But thank you for the ride
I’ll see you somewhere sometime
If I don’t have time to hide

Singing for your supper
Isn’t half the fun it seems
It’s a pint or five of courage
And a box of broken dreams


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