Cinders, home from the ball

Cinders, home from the ball: words and music copyright David Harley, 1975 

Finally added an MP3. I haven’t sung this in decades, so it’s a bit rough, but at least there’s some idea of how it was meant to sound.


Strange landscape
of soda lights
blank windows
city nights

The Lord of Revels folded up
the streetcorner faces
the small hours swallowed whole
and Cinders hurries home from the ball

Cinders you’re the saddest song I’ve sung
barely grown, aching and alone
fingers fumbled numbly for the key
to fit that Bluebeard’s door
and she wondered “is that all?”

She lets herself in
from the cold into the cold
creeps up creaking stairs
and hopes that no-one calls
and still the war drags on
but there was fresh blood spilt tonight


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