Age of the Hero

Age of the Hero: Words and Music copyright David Harley, 1973

Deep down I know I should forget you
Get out with my ego intact
My head knows the end of the game
Is historical fact
But my heart never quite seems to make it
I can’t seem to learn to let go
It’s a one-way ticket to nowhere
But where else to go?

I took someone else to a party
In search of a two-way high
And stayed for a while in search
Of an alibi
Slipped out for some air and some distance
Got to thinking and wondering and then
I wasn’t surprised when I got back at last
And she’d gone home with somebody else

Now I lie on my dressed and smoking
Watching dawn seeping in from the East
And the age of the hero is over
I can drop that pretence now at least
And I wait for the future to tell me
Whether angels are still to be found
And I’m trying hard not to start thinking
That there’s not enough love to go round


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