A Smuggler’s Song

A setting of the poem by Rudyard Kipling. I have in mind a guitar accompaniment I’m not quite comfortable with yet, so this MP3 is strictly an unaccompanied demo version. The words and a few notes are available from this page. I believe Peter Bellamy used to sing a version set to ‘The White Cockade’ or a variant thereof, which I guess would readily lend itself to a more chorus-y version, but I don’t remember ever hearing it.

In the 70s, I remember hearing a version to a different tune sung in Berkshire that used the second verse as a chorus. I forget who sang it and don’t know anything about its provenance.

There’s more information about Peter Bellamy’s version (also including the words) on a ‘Mainly Norfolk’  page here: Smuggler’s Song, A

David Harley
Small Blue-Green World


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