The water is wide [demo]

The world is not short of recordings of this very popular song. This is a variation on an instrumental version I recently rediscovered, having performed it quite a lot in the 70s. I plan to use a more polished version in a forthcoming project.


David Harley


2 thoughts on “The water is wide [demo]

  1. Bob Mitchell

    The Water is Wide is one of my favorites. kudos to you for this (your) rendition of it. Very nice!
    I first heard it back in 1966 on a recording by Fred Neil. It haunts me still. Never have heard anything more alluring. Still, what brought me to your website (google) was a mention on tonight’s program with Cord Lund’s “My Play List” {whom I had never heard before). It’s an hour program and about 50 minutes in he featured a David Harley song sung by (Rudy Van ?) (not sure yet) “He was a good man, my pop, but he was a bad cop” I never heard it before and I’m trying to find it. What an awesomely cool song it is!
    If you can shed any light on this please do. Thank you! Peace

    1. David Harley Post author

      Hi, Bob. Thanks for your kind words. I remember that Fred Neil version: wasn’t it on ‘Bleecker & MacDougal’? I loved ‘The Other Side of this Life’ and ‘Blues on the Ceiling’ and sometimes sing ‘Handful of Gimme’. I believe the song you’re looking for is ‘David Harley’s Son’ by Ridley Bent. I found a couple of versions of it on YouTube, one electric and one acoustic. Sounds good either way. 🙂 Apparently it’s on an album called Blam!


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