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The water is wide [demo]

The world is not short of recordings of this very popular song. This is a variation on an instrumental version I recently rediscovered, having performed it quite a lot in the 70s. I plan to use a more polished version in a forthcoming project.


David Harley


Moonflow/Needle of Death [demo]

On a flight back from Sydney recently, I found Bert Jansch’s first album – which I once knew very well but have never owned – on the music channel. I always rated his guitar playing, of course,and on listening to the album on the plane, was struck by how good some of the songs were. I may come back to this with a different arrangement, though.

The instrumental Moonflow is mine. And the snippet I played out on is taken from Running From Home, from the same album. I may get around to learning the words at some point.

David Harley

Doesn’t Anybody Know My Name [demo]

Rod McKuen’s recent death reminded me of this song of his. Actually, learning it has been on my to-do list for at least 20 years. I’m not well acquainted with his other material except some of the Brel translations – in fact, I’ve not sure I’ve ever heard any of his own recordings – but this one fits nicely into the folk-bordering-on-country (Paxton, Lightfoot, Nancy Griffiths) bag that sometimes appeals to me.

A demo, but the finished version will probably be fairly similar: maybe a little more harmony and a touch of bass.

David Harley
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