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Don MacLeod

Songs written by* or co-written** by Don MacLeod. He played guitar and/or piano on all these tracks except Sheer Bravado and View From The Top.

Other songs on which Don played guitar or :

Other vocals and instruments on all songs listed here were by me. I was always a control freak.

Pete Wilkes and Gail Williams played fiddle and boddhran respectively on ‘The Butterfly’.


Sheer Bravado Sessions

Some 1980s recordings (mostly) from the CentreSound studio in Camden originally compiled as a cassette LP called ‘Sheer Bravado’. I recently had the CentreSound master tapes baked (don’t ask!) and transferred to digital media, and those better-quality but slower-loading versions have now been added to the versions originally posted here. Track listing as per the original cassette.

Table of Contents

  1. Long Stand
  2. Speak My Heart
  3. Paper City
  4. The Weekends (are the Worst)/Dives & Lazarus/The Butterfly
  5. Sheer Bravado
  6. View From The Top
  7. She’s Gone
  8. So Much For Romance
  9. Circle
  10. Blues For Davy

Long Stand

This was written for a review directed by Margaret Ford in the early 1980s, and subsequently recorded for a cassette album ‘Sheer Bravado’. I mention the date because I recently found out that Sting’s ‘Last Ship’ album includes a song ‘Sky Hooks and Tartan Paint’ on a somewhat related topic – in fact, the first verses of the two songs are surprisingly similar. But I got there first, folks, in fact about 30 years earlier. 🙂

Long Stand From “Sheer Bravado” (Words and Music by David Harley)
All rights reserved

long stand 1 (MP3 converted directly from digitized master)

The day I started work, the foreman said to me,
“I’ve another job for you when you’ve finished brewing tea:
Go down to the stores and when you find old Stan,
Tell him Harry sent you for a long stand.”

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Paper City

Paper City (Words and music by David Harley copyright 1982)

paper city 2 (directly converted from digitized master: slower load, better quality)

There’s a rough demo of a new arrangement here.

I woke up with my mind’s eye facing your direction:
I looked hard and I saw you needed help.
You’re choking on paper and tape and legislation,
But you can’t produce one thing to help yourself.

Paper city at the heart of a paper empire:
You’ve got strings to pull, you’ve got wires all over the earth.
Sky-climbing parasite, concrete and paper jungle,
You’ve got money to burn, but I know you’d rather freeze to death.

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