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[Just to confuse you, Floorsinging for Beginners has been moved to the Sabrinaflu blog, which is intended to provide a variety of folk-related news and resources. The older article is no longer on this site.  DH, 1st July 2018]

No, I’m not suggesting by the title that folk isn’t music: it’s just that I’ve never really been a career folkie, so my interests are a bit wider than folk. Maybe I’ll break out the folk and other stuff into separate categories, eventually.

Events around Ludlow – there’s a lot more around Shropshire and Herefordshire than this, of course. I no longer live in Shropshire, so this page is unlikely to be revised in the near future. However, I do  still maintain the Sabrinaflu blog page, which has a lot of current Shropshire content. I also maintain – mostly as a more personal project – a site reflecting activities in Cornwall, where I now live: Wheal Alice Music

Musical friends are neither all folkies nor all local to Ludlow. I may add a few in due course.

Musical friends

Here are a few links to some musical friends old and new.

Bob Theil (see the Diverse Brew Sessions section) has a web site at  I still have (and still play) his “So Far” album from 1982. I’m no longer in touch with Bob Cairns, but I believe this is him here.

Sally Goddard, probably the best singer I ever worked with, now lives in Newfoundland and sings with Atlantic Union, who have a web site at They have two albums currently available, and I like the one I have a lot. Looks like I need to buy some more albums. Unfortunately, I don’t have any recordings of Sally and myself together.

Vic Cracknell possibly has even more eclectic tastes in music than I do. He also runs some excellent open mic events around Hampshire and Surrey, where I used to live, as well as being a prolific and versatile musician in his own right.

Wychwood is a Hampshire based semi-acoustic band I like a lot: they have a web site here.

Claire Phoenix is a super singer with a lot of jazz in her soul and a wide repertoire (see

Steve Grattan is an accomplished bass player who’s written some very nice songs, and I’m not going to mention his age. 😉

Mark Buck is a great blues-y/jazz-y guitarist who knows his way round quite a few other instruments, and has some very interesting songs of his own: check out his 2nd CD at

Aimee is a young performer whose songs are attracting a great deal of well-deserved attention.

Events (very loosely) around Ludlow

  • 1st Friday of the month: session at the Unicorn, Corve Street, Ludlow Ann Gray 01584 879 348.
  • 3rd Friday of the month: Castle Inn, Knucklas.  (01547 528223, or the Castle Inn 01547528150) Every other month, visited by Folk Down The Track. Knucklas is on the Heart of Wales line, so the event attracts quite a few people from Shrewsbury and Ludlow. The next Folk Down The Track visit is in April 2013.
  • Every Wednesday: Folk Singaround/Session at the Knighton Hotel, Knighton, Powys, 8.30-11.00. Also on the Heart of Wales line, but the last trains go too early to make it a good prospect for getting to by train. (Terry Shepherd, 01547 530588)

Stuff picked up at random here and there: 

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