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Don MacLeod

Songs written by* or co-written** by Don MacLeod. He played guitar and/or piano on all these tracks except Sheer Bravado and View From The Top.

Other songs on which Don played guitar or :

Other vocals and instruments on all songs listed here were by me. I was always a control freak.

Pete Wilkes and Gail Williams played fiddle and boddhran respectively on ‘The Butterfly’.

Speak My Heart

Speak My Heart (Words & Music by Don MacLeod)

speak my heart 2 (directly converted from digitized master)

My love’s so many miles away
Makes it so hard to live through every day
Now I’m a watcher, a looker-on
I see my life as lived by someone I hardly know

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Sheer Bravado

Sheer Bravado (by David Harley & Don MacLeod)
All Rights Reserved
Sheer Bravado MP3
sheer bravado 2 (directly converted from digital master)

Look at us now, back to back
And so choked up
That neither dares to say a word.
What is this crazy game
where losing doesn’t count
As long as no-one sees you’re hurt?

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View From The Top

(Words and Music by Don MacLeod and David Harley)
view from the top 2 (directly converted from digital master)

You learn to fall, then you learn to fly
I’ve been a lifetime learning, but I always got by
Living in pain isn’t living in vain
I’m used to losing and there’s so much to gain

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