Picture Gallery

I don’t seem to have a lot of photographs of my life in music. Well, I couldn’t take them myself, and I guess other people don’t want to be reminded.

West Malvern 2018 (IIRC)

During a short burst of appearances around Malvern with my long-time musical mate Don MacLeod

Kings Arms, St Just

Session hosted by the amazing Sarah McQuaid, who took the photo.

Café Frug, St Ives Arts Club c. 2019

Photo by Ian Semple, whose support on and off radio is always much appreciated.

Dance band gig in Shropshire, 2015.

Commoners Mock, probably the last ceilidh/dance band I’ll play with, as I left the area the following year.  Photos by Tasha Reilly.

commoners lite

commoners lite 2

Reunion 2015

Sally Goddard and I played/sang together as Hay Fever and as part of the Deiniolen Prize Silver Jug Band in the late 60s/very early 70s. We met up in Marazion in 2015, but didn’t get to play anywhere. L-R: Me, my wife Jude, Sally, her husband Garth. Sally now plays and sings with Atlantic Union in Newfoundland.  Photo by passing waiter.

sally and garth lite

Ann Merrill Gray

Taken at the Unicorn Ludlow. Unfortunately, we rarely manage to find time to sing together anywhere else. Sorry, I don’t remember who took the picture.

moi and Ann 2

Blues in Sydney 2014

L-R: Richard Marko (keyboard, guitar, bass guitar, drums, vocals), me (guitar, vocals), Peter Kruse (harp, vocals), Andrew Lee (guitars, vocals), Righard Zwienenberg (drums, hidden behind Andi), Juraj Malcho (guitar, bass, drums, vocals). Others taking part included Sebastian Bortnik and Seiji Murakami. Photos may have been by Andreas Marx.


So-called singer (but Tuesday’s just as bad)

so-called singer

Blues in Bratislava

L-R: me (guitar), Peter Kruse (harp and vocals), Righard Zwienenberg (drums). Not sure of the date. These photos may also be from  Andreas Marx!


L-R Me (guitar), Peter (harp and vocals), Andrew Lee (bass guitar)


Sorry, Surrey

One of Vic Cracknell’s open mic evenings, probably somewhere in Surrey or Hampshire (Crown and Cushion?). As well as playing on my own, I’ve had some enjoyable jam sessions with Vic et al, including Mark Buck, Claire Phoenix, and Steve Grattan. I miss those evenings, as well as seeing friends like Wychwood and Vernon SFriends (sic).  Photos all from Vic, I think, though the Grayshott picture may have been from my daughter.

miss fender

A little slide at Grayshott Social Club.

grayshott social club

Crown and Cushion Haslemere, maybe? I must have been playing a lot of slide at that time. 🙂 I love my little resonator guitar (no on-stage photos, though), but perhaps I should acquire something with a cutaway.


Rum, Brum and no Concertina

Wake for the NHS Information Authority in Birmingham 2006, with Andrew Garcarz et al. Al gets into a lot of these sessions. Photos from Bob Mason.

me at brum 1


Bernard Puckett’s Bedside Lamp

Or some incarnation thereof. He used to introduce us as the lights of his life… Later transmuted into Bernard Puckett’s Broken Biscuits. Early 1980s. I don’t remember who took the pictures.

bedside lamp

From right to left: Bernard Puckett (songs, poems, vocals, guitar, rubber chicken), Mark Kaufman (reeds), and me (lead guitar and badly-played keyboards). I seem to remember there was also a photo of us looking very serious clutching things like ukuleles and toy saxophones. Not that the ukulele isn’t an entirely serious instrument, of course. 🙂 I still wish I’d bought that pink Flying-V uke I saw in Surrey. I’m not sure about toy saxophones, but then I may have hallucinated that.

It seems that Mark is still going strong, btw. I can’t believe he doesn’t mention us in his bio. 😉 

Old Folkie

Somewhere, sometime in the 1980s. I’m fairly sure I wasn’t singing Paddy McGinty’s Goat.

old folkie

David Harley

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