Scratch One Lover [Demo]

Scratch One Lover (words and music by David Harley, copyright 1982)

1) Version recorded in the late 80s on domestic equipment. Solo vocal, solo guitar (probably my Ovation Viper), Peavey backstage amp.

2) Recently recorded demo version: slightly faster than either version I recorded in the 80s. In this instance the 2nd guitar is also me.

3) This is the version recorded in the 80s. Slower than I care to do it nowadays, and I’ve sung it better. Nice 2nd guitar from Don MacLeod, though.

How does it feel to be proved right
When everything just fell apart?
Does it buy you sleep through long cold nights?
Does it ease your aching heart?

Score two points, scratch one lover:
You said it’s too good to be true.
Why don’t you run back to your mother?
She always knows what’s best for you.

All those black moods and jealousies,
Now you know they were justified.
She looks so happy, holding hands with someone else:
Was it worth it, being right?

Hold on to all that righteous anger
But don’t forget who set it up for her.
If she’s easier in someone else’s arms,
She might be telling you you were unfair.

Score two points, scratch one lover:
Let it ride, it’s just the gypsy’s curse.
But people tend to give you what you ask for:
Maybe you only got what you deserved


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