Parody and Pastiche

Sometimes, I just don’t seem to able to resist sticking my tongue into my cheek and going for the jugular. Not with my tongue, obviously.

Lady Luck is pastiche rather than parody. Sometimes, I suppose, it’s difficult to tell whether you (or I, more to the point – I can’t really speak for you) am writing pastiche or simply in a genre.

Make Mine A Snowball is a new(-ish) set of words to a well-known song. There’s a demo recording of it – A Xmas Garland – if you want to get up closer and more personal with it. There’s no accounting for taste. I don’t suppose Howard Blake or Raymond Briggs will be wasting a lot of time on it.

Convoy II is a reimagining of a slightly odd ’60s song and a not-very-good movie, transplanted to 1970s London.

Paul Simon would hate A Torrent of Abuse if it ever crossed his radar.

Big Blues (Bootup Blues) is an attempt to translate contemporary preoccupations into a traditional musical context. Or something like that.

Future bits and pieces that fall into this category will probably be added here even before they’re added here.

David Harley

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