Limelight of Love

Limelight of Love: words and music copyright David Harley, 1976

Cathy you’re a dancer / you’re a dream
You’re everywhere / I’d want to be
But I’m sailing / a little ship called Hope
And she’s sinking / from the weight of a dream

Time is a river flows two ways
It brought you to me / now it takes you on
But here I mean to stay on the sidelines
Dodging the limelight of love

Tomorrow I’ll take you / to the mountains
We’ll try to get a clear view / of ourselves
I think I’ve always lived / in the shadow of those hills
And I’m losing hope / of being somewhere else

I’ve chased a dread / through the bright lights
Traced a dream / between the stars
Polluted mysteries / with words
Leaning half-drunk / against the bar

I’m a jukebox / they feed me pieces of silver
I’m a dream weaver / they feed me fantasies
I’m a fruit machine / expected to pay out every time
I’m an echo / why would you talk to me?

Cathy you’re a diamond / you’re a song
Sometimes I think / together we could fly
And in wet dreams / my body weeps for yours
But all I’ve got is promises / and I won’t offer lies

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